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Elavo LED  Tube Light

20 Watt LED Tube Light

ELAVO 18 Watt T5 LED Batten 

20 Watt LED Tube Light

ELAVO 20 Watt T5 LED Batten 

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About Elavo LED Tube Light

Elavo LED tube light is cost effective and quality rich product that suits for any required purpose. This can be used with a wide operating voltage that ranges from 100 to 300 volts or 50 Hz AC. In addition, with its instant start feature and glare free lighting output, you can easily save up to 60 % energy. Elavo LED tube light is the perfect fit for your home and office interior as well as other areas like parking and outdoor.

T5 LED Batten – Key Features

  • Product name – T5 LED Batten Economy
  • Wide voltage range – 100 to 300 VAC that can ensure safety against any voltage fluctuations.
  • Available with 18 and 20 watts options.
  • Glare free lighting output.
  • Enhanced life time.
  • Up to 60% energy savings.
  • 2 years manufacture warranty.