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Elavo LED  Bulbs

LED Bulb -5 Watts

5 Watt LED Bulb 

LED Bulb -12 Watts

12 Watt LED Bulb 

LED Bulb -7 Watts

7 Watt LED Bulb

LED Bulb -15 Watts

15 Watt LED Bulb 

LED Bulb -9 Watts

9 Watt LED Bulb

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About Elavo LED Bulbs

Unlike the similar products available in the market, our LED bulbs are manufactured by targeting the end user’s requirement. You can find various wattage option which ranges from 5 to 15 watts for any of your purpose. In addition, our products contain zero mercury level which makes it environmental friendly.

Highlighted Features

  • Lm80 tested Led bulbs that can ensure same brightness over life time.
  • 240 degree beam angle which provides glare free wide spread of light.
  • Wide voltage range – 100 to 300 VAC that can ensure safety against any voltage fluctuations.
  • Available with 5 to 15 watts option.
  • 15 years extended lifespan.
  • Cool day white with 900lm lumen.
  • 2 years manufacture warranty.