About Us

A brief description about entire Elavo LED lighting products, its quality and our services. As an organization, we are committed to deliver quality LED products to our customers.

Elavo Energy Pvt. Ltd. is a high end LED lighting solution provider. We are focused on delivering quality across all our products and services to various customer segments. Our team focuses on providing lighting solutions to medium and large business firms and house hold usages to reduce overall power consumption.

With an immense knowledge in the field, our expertise will be a key factor in any organization’s power management. Loaded with all vital qualities, Elavo LED lights are perfectly suite with contemporary smart lighting era.

Why Elavo LED Lighting?

Using the “Light Emitting Diode” and its associated technology, Elavo LED lights offer the perfect lighting solution for indoor and outdoor applications. Compared to traditional options, they emit no UV or IR radiation and have a very low heat generation. In addition, our products are shock proof, have a long lifetime as well as very low power consumption.

Loaded with all vital qualities, ELAVO LED lights are perfectly suite with contemporary smart lighting era. Our products are Lm80 tested which ensures same brightness over its life period. Our entire LED lights are specially crafted to meet with end user’s requirements. With an extended lifespan of 15 years and glare free wide spread lighting, our products simply outshine many other products available in the market.

Most importantly, Elavo LED lights are technically and economically feasible no matter what the purpose is. All our LED lighting systems are compactable with a wide voltage range of 100 to 300 VAC which is safe against any voltage fluctuations. In addition, targeting the eco-friendliness, our products have zero mercury content which makes its disposal easy.